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equinexo:  I just posted a riding video and the horse I'm riding roars. He is 19 and has had it all his life and was born with it. He showed 1.10 jumpers on the A circuit and is still a happy man with no issues other than roaring and it never bothered him

For the anon^

flyingxhorses:  My gelding roars; his left vocal cord is paralyzed, causing him to have some discharge from his nostrils during exercise. When he's cantering he grunts. It's not really a big issue but I wouldn't overdo anything that would cause him to breathe heavily, e.g. hand galloping, especially if he hasn't been warmed up. But for general riding it shouldn't be an issue; you can always ask a vet and decide if this is an appropriate horse for you. I forget Honor has it, honestly. It's pretty common.


kittenofthedesert:  for the anon with the riding outfit: if you know ahead of time what color your horse is, you can choose complementary colors :) I love riding in colors that work with my horses coat


Anonymous:  So I'm all set up to buy this horse. He's an old trail horse, 10, a gelding. Would trek on average 30 miles on the trail a day. I've ridden him, met his owner and everything. But he has this disease called roaring. Were the flap in his thought doesn't close all the way when he breathes. Have you or your followers had any experience with that?

I don’t have any experience with roaring, but I know there are ways to manage it

Anonymous:  so I'm starting my first lesson at a new barn this weekend. I'm going to wear black ovation breeches black boots black helmet so everything is black basically I just don't know what to wear as a top. ik it's not that important what you're wearing but I just want to make a good first impression and to look nice but not over the top if that makes sense..

I personally LOVE all black/charcoal riding outfits. You’ll look great and I think you’ll make a great impression :)

Anonymous:  where did you buy all that stuff?

The Saddlery in Great Falls, VA